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"September Thing"

The calendar year gives us two "fresh starts" per year. One is on January 1st and the other is the beginning of September. A new school year. When we were young, the start of a school year was arguably the more exciting of the two. We looked forward to: seeing our friends, starting new classes, joining clubs, trying out for teams. We were nervous, anxious, excited - literally all the feels! As we get older the magic of this time of year seems to fade. But does it have to? I still catch myself this time of year evaluating my wardrobe, changing my lunches, but most importantly, picking something new to learn! Getting away on a true vacation in the summer...

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Normalizing Luxury on the Farm

The feeling that you have after getting your hair cut. The amazing smell, the silky feel, the face framing layers.  Restaurant-style chocolate cheesecake with mousse and grated chocolate.  Not doing it for you? How about a detailed tractor cab without the random grease stains and leftover food wrappers from the past season.  There are things on this earth that make us feel entirely put together and in control but we don't do them that often. Why? We're busy, we're tired, they don't "need done" or we don't "need" to spend money on them. I'll contradict that and say sometimes they are exactly what we need to spark a little momentum and get us moving in the direction of our goals, or...

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