Regular length insulated overalls restock Nov 14 at 7 pm EST! Long pairs restocking December 4th!



What You'll Find Here

Workwear that is made to fit your body and personality. A boost of confidence when you need it. Unmatched flexibility and features like syringe holders and cell-phone pockets that will make your husband jealous. A cheerleading squad for your lifestyle and accomplishments. A great sense of farm fashion and an even greater sense of humour.


About the Owner

We are often defined by our titles, and Michelle Durnin wears many hats. Among them are: agronomist, farmer, horse girl, podcaster, and now, designer. Titles don't tell the whole story though. Beneath the hat is someone who is driven to make life more than it is. To build a culture, community, to create positive experiences. Someone who believes in the dreams of others and wants to help them recognize their own abilities. To give them the confidence to chase those dreams. One pair of overalls at a time, she is going to do this.

With love, Michelle xo


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